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Hunting Information

Species available:

Baboon * Impala Warthog
Blue Wildebeest Jackall Waterbuck
Bushpig Kudu(Greater) Zebra (Burchells)
Duiker(Common) Lynx Eland
Ostrich Gemsbuck(Oryx) Steenbuck
Vervet monkey * Giraffe Red Hartebeest

* Permits required.Client to notify us if interest in specie.

Permit requirements: Hunters need to respect CITES regulations regarding trade in endangered/ threatened species. Pleas check with your local wildlife authority prior to your safari for the latest list of required permits.

Gear Required

Rifles: African game has an incredible ability to endure. We suggest a rifle ranging from a .308(7.62mm) calibre upwards. Although ammunition is available in South Africa, it is best to bring a good supply with you.

Clothing and equipment: Lightweight camouflage or khaki clothing and comfortable walking boots are recommended. For cold mornings and evenings a sweater and windproof jacket is required. During the day we suggest a good sunscreen or even sunblock ,sunglasses and a hat for your comfort. Don't forget binoculars and reading material.

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